Semi-Vortex - Dewatering Pump

Features Application
1. Semi-vortex, ductil cast iron impeller, suspends solids allowing for extraction. 1. Commercial, industrial dewatering and construction site drainage.
2.Synthetic rubber casing increases wear resistance when pumpage contains abrasive particles. 2. Sand & Gravel pit drainage
3. Double inside mechanical seals with silicon carbide faces, (both top and bottom) running in an oil filled chamber and further protected by a lip seal running against a replaceable, 403/420 stainless steel shaft sleeve, provides for the most durable seal design available. 3. Fly Ash water return.
4.Highly efficient, continuous duty air filled, copper wound motor with class E insulation, minimizes the cost of operation. 4. Sediment removal from sumps or basins.
5. Built in thermal & amperage sensing, protector prevents motor failure due to overloading or accidental run - dry conditions.  
6. Double shielded, permanently lubricated, high temperature C3 ball bearings fated for a B-10 life of 60,000 hours, extend operational life.  
7. Top discharge, flow-thru design enables operation at low water levels for extended periods.  
KTV Pump

Performance Curves
Specifications Standard Options
Discharge Size 2", 3" Npt (50, 80mm) Available in all Stainless Steel
Horsepower Range 3 - 5Hp. (1.5 - 11Kw)
Performance Range
  Capacity 25 - 230Gpm (.09 - .87 cubic metre/ min)
Head 5 Ft. - 100 Ft. (1.5 - 30.4m)
Maximum Water Temperature 104F. )40C)
Materials of Construction
  Casing Butadiene Rubber and Nitrile Rubber
Impeller Ductile Cast Iron / Urethane Rubber
Shaft 420 Stainless Steel
Motor Frame Aluminium alloy
Fastners 304 Stainless Steel
Mechanical Seal
  Upper Seal Ceramic:Carbon (1Hp) Silicon Carbide / Silicon Carbide (2-7.5 Hp.)
Lower Seal Silicon Carbide / Silicon Carbide
Elastomers NBR (Nitril Buna Rubber)
Impeller Type Semi-vortex, solids handling
Solid Handling Capability Screen size
Motor Nomenclature
  Type, Speed, Hz Air Filled, 3600 Rpm, 60 Hz.
Voltage, Phase 208/230/460/575 V.., 3 Phase
Insulation Class E
Bearings Pre-lubricated, Double Shielded
Accessories Submersible Power Cable 49' (15 m) Length as Required
Operational Mode Manual