Northern Light GII Specifications

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The new GII designs retain all of the features and benefits from the original Northern LightTM Systems. Our experience and the feedback we have received have been incorporated into our design criteria and have produced what we believe is the best solution to cap lamp systems for mining and construction.

GII Headpiece and Cable Assembly

To produce the best possible system we have incorporated:

  • Maximum bulb retention and positioning for optimal spot quality and distribution - no focusing required.
  • Impact resistant glass lens allows a consistent clean smooth surface for maximum light output.
  • Headpiece assembly is compact and light weight 340g (0.74 lbs) and has quality sealing to eliminate moisture ingress.
  • The cable assembly has a rugged designed strain relief and durable electrical connection to provide maximum reliability and service life.
GII Lamp Apart

Battery Pack

The GII battery pack uses proven material and electronic specifications of our existing design with the added benefits of:

Battery Pack
  • Removable lid to allow for local service on electronics and battery cell packs
  • New more durable belt loop design with stainless steel spacers.
  • Improved electrical and mechanical connectors
  • Headpiecemounting bracket on battery case to secure headpiece when it is not on the hard hat
  • Ni-MH environmentally friendly cells for ease of recycling


Model 8-10 Hr 12 Hr
Battery Pack Weight 0.83 kg (1.84 lbs) 1.11 kg (2.45 lbs)
Complete Assembly Weight 1.17 kg (2.58 lbs) 1.45 kg (3.19lbs)
Nominal Discharge Current .62 A .62 A
Nominal Bulb Wattage 4 W 4 W
Total Approx. Discharge Time 11 hrs 17 hrs

Tool Kit: Tools required to service the GII assembly

The GII has been designed to meet the intrinsic safety approvals, but uses readily available tools for servicing.

1 Screwdriver, Hex (2.5mm) for M3 screw part # GS8801
1 Screwdriver, Hex (2.5mm) for M4 screw part # GS8802
1 Wrench Hook Spanner part # GS8803
1 Nut Driver - 5/16" (7.9 mm) for on/off switch part # GS8804
Complete GII/GIIR Tool Kit ( includes the 4 items above) part # GS8800-KIT
1 Screwdriver, Philips #1 for self-tapping screws  
1 Wrench, open end 7/8" for strain relief