Northern Light Technologies GIIIR


NEW! Northern LightTM GIIIR Radio Cap Lamp

G3R Complete

The GIIIR Radio Cap Lamp packages a complete Motorola radio inside a Northern Light™ Cap Lamp. This unique product provides the quality, durability and superior performance of two products into one!

NL Technologies is an authorized two-way Motorola dealer.

Protect Assets & Cut Costs!
  • 2 units in 1 product = 1 battery + 1 charger
  • Eliminate lost and damaged radios
  • Retrofit model allows using your existing radios!

Extra Features & Benefits
  • Compact, lightweight, Ni-MH cells, ergonomic shape designed to be used for up to a 12-hour work shift
  • Northern Light™ + Motorola = quality, durability, and product support
  • High Beam Power option for inspection applications
  • Compatible with existing charging systems
  • MDC 1200 signaling model compatible with Worker Safety Verification™
  • Designed to be fully serviced by a trained Lampman

Motorolo Logo Motorola Phone

HT 750 Radio
Key Features & Benefits
  • X-PandTM Voice Compression for cleaner, crisper audio quality
  • 16 channels for multiple user groups
  • Emergency Button with MDC 1200 Signaling
  • Quick Call II Signaling Decode to receive information via tone signals

Radio Specifications (Transmit & Receive)

GIIIR Radio Cap Lamp
Frequencies VHF: 136-174 MHz
  UHF: 403 - 470 MHz
GIIIR Radio Cap Lamp Power Output VHF = 1 - 5W
  UHF = 1 - 4W
Channel Spacing: 12.5 /15 /20 /25 /30 kHz
  PLLstep: 2.5 /3.125 kHz
GIIIR Operating Temperature -20oC to +50oC

Compatible Motorola Radio Models Chart

Standard Motorola Radio Models for GIIIR Radio Cap Lamps
  • HT 750 16 channel VHF (136 - 174 MHz)
  • HT 750 16 channel UHF (403 -470 MHz)
  • Emergency Button with MDC 1200 Signaling

GIIIR Retrofit Option

The retrofit model excludes the radio section so that you can use your existing radio inventory. Below is a list of compatible Motorola radios.

Market Area Model Reference
North America HT 750 HT 1250
MTX 850 MTX 8250
MTX 950 MTX 9250
MTX 450 MTX 4500
MTX 150 MTX 1500
HT750LS HT1250LS+
Latin America incl. Mexico PRO5150 PRO7150
Asia Pacific incl. Australia GP328 GP338
GP329 GP339
Europe/Africa GP140 GP360
Middle East GP340 GP380