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NL Technologies, a recognized world leader in the design and manufacture of Cap Lamp Systems is proud to introduce the next generation of cap lamp technology, the GII series. Utilizing feedback from the industry, obtained from over 17 years of service experience, we have developed a system that will satisfy the needs of all users.

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  • Cap Lamp Models
  • Battery Options
  • Lamp Head Options
  • Lamp Cord Options
GII Products

Features & Benefits

NL Technologies has retained the features and benefits that made the original Northern Lightâ„¢, the system of choice for mines and contractors throughout the world:

  • Light-weight, ergonomic, kidney-shaped battery pack design
  • Modular assembly with tamperproof design
  • Constant discharge voltage providing consistent bright light for the entire work shift
  • Low voltage flasher circuit to alert the user that there is approximately 30 minutes of light remaining before the battery shuts off
  • Soft start circuitry doubles bulb life
  • MHSA approved for use in methane environments

Additional features and benefits are:

  • Improved servicing and replacement capability of the battery cell packs with easy-to-use connections
  • More durable belt loop, terminal cover, and strain relief designs
  • Optimal lamp head spot quality and light output
  • Improved lamp head sealing to reduce water ingress
  • Nickel Metal Hydride (Ni-MH) battery cells which contain no lead or cadmium, so it is more environmentally friendly than other cells

Cap Lamp Models

Part Number Description
GL6D11 8 - 10 Hr Ni-MH
GL72D11 12 Hr Ni-MH
GL72A15 12 Hr Ni-MH with PTO (Power Take-off)

Battery Options

At NL Technologies, we design our batteries to provide optimum performance during the work shift coupled with maximum cycle life. This translates to our customers getting the most cost effective reliable system available. The following table summarizes the battery options we can provide specific to the user's work shift.

Part Number Description
B62D00 Battery Pack - 8 - 10 Hour Ni-MH
GB72D00 Battery Pack - 12 Hour Ni-MH

GII Headpiece

The Northern Light™ GII uses a 6V-flanged bulb to provide a cost effective spot and high light output.

Lamp Cable Options

Our standard cable assembly is 140 cm (55 inches) in length (from the entry of the headpiece to terminal cover). It can also be purchased in a 165 cm (65 inch) length.